48-Mini Green Fire Disk/SS Folding Stove/Free Ferro Rod
  • 3" dia. x 1" 
  • 2.9 oz.
  • Fits all folding stoves
  • Lights w/ single spark
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • 20 year storage time
  • Over one hr. burn time
  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% Organic ingredients

Lights with a spark and burns for over an hour...

   over 100% longer than all other competitors Fire Starters

3- Disk, 1-Mess Kit,1-Folding Stove, Free Ferro Rod

5 Special Packages offered for a LIMITED TIME

96 Mini Green Fire Disks/Folding Stove/Free Ferro Rod


Green Fire Disk- Fire-starter & Fuel

     Perfect for survival, emergencies, Bug-Out-Bags, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating etc.

  • Last for over an hour with cooking temperatures ranging from 900 F. to 700 F. after one hour!
  • Lights in a rain or snow storm with winds up to 60 miles per hour with a single spark from a Ferro Rod! 
  • Free Ferro Rod comes with all Mini Green Fire Disk Purchases.
  • Only 2.9 oz. and 3" in diameter yet it burns hotter and twice as long as all other fire starter fuel disks on the market.
  • The Mini Green Fire Starter will relight itself if smothered and the harder the wind blows, the hotter it will become!
  • The Mini Disk contains a patented formula of entirely safe organic materials.
  • It can be submerged in water for an indefinite period of time and will still perform as advertised.

12 Pack


96 Pack

Mini Green Fire-Starter Disk

 The Mini Green Fire Starter is soaked in water for over 24 hrs.starts with a single spark and then burns for 75 minutes maintaining over 700 degrees F. 

24 Pack

3 Pack


Each package includes a stainless steel Folding Stove w/ a Ferro Rod w/ fire starter packages

Mini Green Fire-Starter Disk

Stainless Steel (Hinged) Folding Stove and a Ferro Rod included with all five Special Packages. 

48 Pack

Mini Green Fire Disk Fire Starter

12-Mini Green Fire Disks/SS Folding Stove/Ferro Rod
24-Mini Green Fire Disks/SS Folding Stove/ Ferro Rod


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Fire-Starters & Emergency Fuel for Emergencies, Survival/Disaster Kits 

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